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Our aim is to realize the machines and tools for improving the production process of aluminium frames.

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The 2 head crimping machine, allows the simultaneous crimping of 2 corners. This halves the production time and retains the high quality standards. The machine is hydraulic thus allowing the processing of all profiles including those with a large wall thickness. The minimum working size is 350x350 mm.
Motion system
With left hand-head fixed and right hand-head electronically moved.
Crimping system
Hydraulic pressure intensifier multiplier for increased reliability and better quality.
Working Data
Minimum frame size (heads closed) 350x350 mm.
Maximum frame size 3.000x3.000 mm
Maximum crimping height 125 mm.
Tolerance of positioning +/- 0,15 mm
Air Supply Pneumatic 7 bar
Electrical Supply Electric 220-230 V
Knife operating stroke 12 mm.
Bracing clamp stroke 120 mm.
Horizontal operating range 40 mm.
Dimensions 3.750x2.100x885
Gamma Itaca Itaca Plus
Itaca Solution Automatic Praxis 2 Head Crimping Machine
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